Memories from Graham Jenkins

Memories from Graham Jenkins

Graham Jenkins

Graham Jenkins was the younger brother of Richard Burton. Graham lived locally in Cwmafan, Port Talbot before his death in 2015. Here, Graham recalls fond memories of his older brother.

“When our mother passed away, I lived with my eldest brother Ivor.  My older sister Cis brought Rich up in Taibach.  Cis was a marvellous woman.  I used to stay with Rich some days in Taibach, where we used to top and tail”.

Graham recalls singing in the Eisteddfod and being up against Rich; “Rich won, even though I was told I had the sweeter voice, however Rich had the stage presence. I cried over this and Rich kindly shared his winnings with me.  All my brothers and sisters could sing - Cis was a wonderful singer and soprano”. 

“In school, Rich read a book and remembered everything .  I guess if he was still alive today, he would be writing. He was a classic scholar and won a scholarship to Oxford”.

“I acted as a double for Rich once and at one time I had to kiss Elizabeth Taylor”.

Richard Burton with brother Graham Jenkins, photograph courtesy of Graham Jenkins