Waterfall Country

Waterfall Country

Melincourt Falls

‘I cannot call to mind a single valley that in the same extent of country comprises so much beautiful and picturesque scenery and so many interesting and special features as the Vale of Neath’

Alfred Russel Wallace, My Life, 1908

The famous 19th Century naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace wrote this when he first experienced the Vale of Neath. And quite frankly, he summed it up pretty well. The ‘special features’ he refers to are the series of dramatic waterfalls blessing our valley. Waterfall Country is our hidden treasure, a sequence of mystical waterfalls that are particularly striking.

Bordering the Brecon Beacons National Park; Waterfall Country branches into the Fforest Fawr Geopark, a site of enormous geological importance.

There are lots of Waterfalls to enjoy in the Vale of Neath. For more information follow these links (external websites)

Note of caution – the walks require proper care and preparation before and during your walk.


Access: The riverside walk along the Nedd Fechan is accessible to all for approx 1km. The Waterfall Walks beyond this point are inaccessible to wheelchair users.